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Our first dive trip in Cozumel? Simply fantastic.

We decided to go to Cozumel with our friends at Planet SCUBA. After an uneventful flight, we spent the night at Villa Blanca, a pretty hotel away from the downtown hubbub but still close enough to everything to be convenient. We met Arturo, who owns the grill/restaurant at the hotel, and he set Nic up with some very tasty beef quesadillas. After settling in, our group had a bite to eat at La Choza –and enjoyed the mariachi band as well — and went to bed.

The next morning, we had a wonderful day of diving, starting on a site known as the Santa Rosa wall. It was beautiful. We have new equipment, so we spent the first dive getting acclimated. We enjoyed diving with Dave, Linda and Rob, all from our group, and our dive master Julio from SCUBA MAU.

Fish in Cozumel

Do fish have lips? Why, yes. Yes, they do.

The second dive was spectacular. The water was absolutely crystal clear, and the sea life was abundant. There was a spotted eel just moseying around on the bottom, out in the open, not skulking in a hole like they normally do. The guide speared a lion fish and somehow alerted the triggerfish nearby that he was serving it to them for lunch. He turned it upside down, exposing its belly, and those fish tore it apart.

Stopped off at Paradise Beach for our break between the dives. Nic enjoyed sliding down the inflatable water slides and clambering around on the various kid-friendly apparatus. Not Ryc’s or my favorite place, though. Picture lounge chairs stacked twenty or more rows back from the beach, 2-300 across, elbow-to-elbow…everything had a price, whether sitting in a chair, or playing on the slides…we like our quiet hotel better. Even Nic found it to be a little much.

After the dive, we had a great lunch at La Hach, a cafe/bar  across from our hotel, on the water. We watched a bunch of local boys rough housing with each other and doing flips off the temporary pier into the water. The other piers fell victim to the last hurricane. We had a siesta in the afternoon, then dinner at La Mission, a beautiful restaurant surrounded by lush tropical gardens. A wonderful day.