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Colorado Gives Day

Check out what Giving First is up to these days. December 4 is Colorado Gives Day

From the site:

Colorado Gives Day is an initiative to increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Presented by Community First Foundation and FirstBank, Colorado Gives Day will take place during a 24-hour period on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Donations will be accepted through the website GivingFirst.org, with a goal to inspire and unite Coloradans in supporting local nonprofits.

What a great idea! And, if you look at the Giving First website – what a great website! You can search for a nonprofit to support by zip code or by function. You can register your own nonprofit for the site. You can sign up you or your group to host a fundraiser. They even highlight fundraisers that are close to making their goals.

Colorado Gives is December 4. Donate or fundraise for your favorite cause.

Colorado Gives is December 4. Donate or raise funds for your favorite cause.

Eliana here is five years old and raising $180 to help build a community center. She states that she wants to learn about giving as a multiplier of chai (life in Hebrew.) She is almost to $180 as I write this. Sure, someone helped her write her goal. But she will remember that she raised what must seem like an impossible amount of money , when she was five years old, forever. I did not change the world at all when I was five – how about you? Sites like this make a difference. Maybe each of us can be inspired to do so as well?



In celebration of All Saints Day

“All of the places of our lives are sanctuaries; some of them just happen to have steeples. And all of the people in our lives are saints; it is just that some of them have day jobs, and most will never have feast days named for them.”
— Robert Benson in Between the Dreaming and the Coming True


Do you tend to look for the good in people or more typically try to find the bad in a ceaseless game of one-upsmanship? I think we’re biologically geared toward the latter. If we can find flaws in others, then we are, perhaps, not as woeful as we suspect.

But, like the choice to search for the Divine in life, looking for the good in others is a conscious choice and it takes commitment and perseverance. I find that I cannot see the good in others as clearly when I am driving. Or in Walmart. However, I can see it vividly in a nursing home. In a preschool. In a church service. Whenever I see two people who are tender with each other, for whatever reason. When someone is unexpectedly kind to me. When my son stirs on a lazy weekend morning and sleepily smiles at me –  before he awakened enough to raise the gates of his teenage defenses against the slings and arrows of the surly world.

There are saints around us everywhere, every day. Each of us is one. Each of us responds, when called, with our better nature.  You’ve done it before. I’ve done it before. Maybe next time, I won’t wait to be asked, but just step in and give. How about you?